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How it works

How Does it WorkWhen you’ve been out drinking and you have your vehicle and need to get yourself and your ride home, Drive My Ride will drive you in yours.

Simply call (403) 408-RIDE (7433) to book a trip.  We’ll send a team of two drivers.  One will drive you in your ride while the other driver follows in their car (the shadow).  It’s that simple  You can also pre-book your trip for later in the evening or a future date and time all together.

Watch for our Mobile App coming summer 2020.

Questions commonly asked

  1. How do you calculate the price?
    The shadow car (the one following) clears the odometer on their car.  This will record the km’s traveled. It’s $28.00 for the first km and $2.10 for every one after that.
  2. Can I bring my friends?
    Yes of course.  As long as there’s a seat belt for everyone in the vehicle including the driver.
  3. Can anyone go in the shadow car.  (The driver’s ride)?
    Sorry, no can do.  Calgary has bylaws and legislation prohibiting this.  We are also not insured to transport customers in our personal vehicles.
  4. Do people use this service when their children are with them?
    All the time!  Those still in the car seat stage really enjoy the ease of having their vehicle.  A wonderful example at a young age for children to experience responsible drinking.
  5. What areas do you service?
    We are based in Calgary.  We will take you just about anywhere as long as a Calgary border is passed.  We will take you to or pick you up outside of Calgary.
  6. How far will you go?
    As far as you want really.  Common destinations are Okotoks – High River – Airdrie – Cochrane – Langdon and beyond.  Great for weddings outside the city.
  7. Can we make stops during the trip?
    No problem.  We can drop off friends and family or stop for conveniences on your way home.  While stopped we charge 1.50/minute.
  8. What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept Cash, Debit, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover.
  9. Will you take my car without me?
    Sure will.  Pre-payment for the trip will be required.
  10. Can I bring my dogs(pets)?
    Absolutely.  We just ask that you keep them from distracting our driver.