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One Lump or Two?

How much more than a taxi will this cost me? Probably the most asked question we get here at Drive My Ride.

Our answer –>  “It depends.”

While developing our rates, one of the questions we considered carefully was, “How would one Drive My Ride trip compare to the cost of two taxis rides?”

We were confident before making the comparison that we were providing an economical option for people. We are now positive!

There were already so many advantages to our service over a taxi.  Truly, the cost is as much a selling point as any other reason to use our service.

Taxi Options:

If you are going to be out and drinking to the point where you are not legal to drive, there are really two taxi options to be had.

  1. You order a taxi from your home to take you to an event and then you order a second one to drive you home afterwards.  This option involves two taxi fares AND waiting for the taxi on both ends of the trip.
  2. You drive to the location in your own car and park.  You get one taxi to take you home and then return the next day in a taxi to pick your car up and drive it home.  Again, you are left waiting for and paying for two taxi fares.

When you use our designated driving service.  You call us once.  You wait for us once.  You ride home in the comfort of your own vehicle.

So, when comparing the cost, what we need to be doing is comparing the ONE Drive My Ride trip fare to TWO taxi fares.

There are longer trips and their are shorter trips… when all is said and done we find that the average trip our clients take amounts to about $50.  That will get you about 13.5kms.


The Resources We Used:

  • Drive My Ride Rate Estimator
    Minimum Fare:  $28.00 for first km
    Afterwards:  $1.75 per km
    Driving time:  $0.00/hr
    Traffic Variance:  none
  • Please note that the rates in this post are the rates at the time the article was posted.

  • Google Maps
    Used to find fastest route distance and time


So let’s look at a few actual trips some of our clients regularly take and see how the costs compare:

Trip #1:  Short Trip Home From the Neighbourhood Pub.

Creekside Bar & Grill to within Canyon Meadows:
( 2.2 kms / 5 min)

Taxi One Way:  $10.08
Taxi Both Ways: $20.17
Drive My Ride:  $30.10

So, in the case of very short trips, Drive My Ride is more expensive than two taxi fares.  You are paying an extra $10 for the convenience of either not having to go back for your vehicle OR not waiting for the cab on both ends of the trip.

Trip #2:  Medium Length Trip (our average is 13.5 kms)

Deerfoot Inn & Casino  to  Midnapore:
(13 kms / 12 min)

Taxi One Way:  $32.03
Taxi Both Ways: $64.05
Drive My Ride:  $49.00

For the average trip, Drive My Ride is less expensive than two taxi fares AND it’s more convenient.

Trip #3:  A Longer Than Average Trip

McMahon Stadium to McKenzie Town:
(27.1 kms / 21 min)

Taxi One Way:  $60.59
Taxi Both Ways: $121.19
Drive My Ride:  $73.68

As the trip length increases, Drive My Ride becomes even LESS expensive than two taxi fares and even MORE convenient with your time.

Trip #4:  Trip Outside Calgary City Limits 

Stampede Grounds to Okotoks:
(40.8 kms / 32 min)

Taxi One Way:  $89.62
Taxi Both Ways: $179.25
Drive My Ride:  $97.65

Drive My Ride becomes MAJORLY less expensive than two taxi fares and EXTREMELY convenient with your time when travelling outside city limits.


The Bottom Line: 

Drive My Ride is always more convenient.  For very short trips you will pay a premium for the convenience of getting home safely with your vehicle.  BUT as our scenarios clearly demonstrate, Drive My Ride is cost-competitive with a two-way taxi for the average trip and only gets better the further you travel.  So why pay more AND be stuck having to get your vehicle the next morning?  Wouldn’t you prefer ONE trip to TWO?

We invite you to weigh out your lumps next time you’re going out or are already out and need to get home.

Either way, please don’t drink and drive.




Be Alert At All Times

I was at one of the big box parking lots here in the city the other day.  Well, actually, I was trying to leave one.  Do ya feel me?  Mission impossible.  Moving obstacles everywhere.

So here’s one of the things I find puzzling – these people meandering through the parking lot aimlessly were actually leaving or heading to their cars.  That’s a scary prospect.  They are often void of any consideration to a fellow driver.

As a driver, we need to be sensitive to not only the needs and the challenges that other drivers face, but also extra cautious of it in these zoos we call a parking lots.

As a pedestrian, we need stay out of drivers’ blind spots, stop if they have already started to backup or move forward, and not walk crisscross down the parking rows with our backs toward traffic.  Most importantly, we all need to be aware of our surroundings in general.  It’s for our well being after all.

After several attempts I was able to safely, and without incident, back out of my stall.  I thought I was home free but, no, now the shopping zombies are getting in their vehicles.  One starts backing straight toward me.  I tap the horn to let them know I am there.  Their reaction is sudden and abrupt, as if to say, “where did you come from?”.  They hadn’t noticed me sitting behind them for the last 30 seconds, waiting for the sheep to clear on the road ahead of me.

We’ve all come across those drivers who don’t know what you need all those mirrors for, and they’ve never heard of a blind spot let alone conducted a shoulder check.  They don’t find it necessary to use their indicators, will come to a dead stop when it says merge and proceed without caution on a yield.

Yep, it’s pretty crazy on the roads out there.  To say you need to drive defensively is an understatement.

It was bad enough and now apparently we have Pokémon running all over the place too!  It’s not that you have to watch out for Pikachu, it’s the guy who is trying to catch him and not aware of his surroundings!  I wish I was kidding.

Driving is an unbelievable workout for our gray matter.  If it was crazy easy, cars would have been driving themselves long ago.  As it turns out, it’s not that easy to duplicate the complexity of the thought process and multiple actions the brain co-ordinates even just on your way to work.  It’s a lot for even the most sober of drivers to respond too.  All kidding aside, we really do need to take our surroundings very seriously and be more attentive of our own actions and how it affects other drivers.

If everyone would just exercise a bit more courtesy and common road sense, our roads would be a much safer place.

Too much is taken for granted.  While you’re driving, your brain already has a full load.  Let’s keep it to that and leave the other activities and business for outside the car.  Here’s to a safe summer on our roads.  As Pokémon Go says, “Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.”  And please don’t drink and drive.

What is “Responsible”?

I had someone tell me the other day that their friends were responsible enough NOT to bring their car when they went out drinking.

At the time I was discussing the importance of designated driving services and the great need for them.  What they said wasn’t untrue but I found it odd just the same.  Did that imply that people who do go out drinking with their car ARE irresponsible?  Well, you most likely know our answer would be a resounding “no”.  We’ll also bet the farm, those who have used designated driving services like Drive My Ride will do it again and again.  Not just because the 9th trip is free.  No sir.  There are endless reasons and circumstances people find this service handy, convenient, and the best plan ever just because it’s very very versatile.

They were going to be responsible regardless.  Drive My Ride just happened to be the option they chose to make that happen.

Some will tell you they won’t go any other way.  For them it’s the best guarantee that they are going to get home at all.

In one example, I was given by a client, they had pre-booked a taxi to take them to a dinner party.  They planned to leave with lots of time but no taxi showed.  When they called to inquire, they were told another 20 minutes so they continued to wait.  No taxi.  Now they had no choice but to drive if they were going to make dinner at all.

They got to the party albeit a bit late, but had an amazing time and used a designated driving service to get home with their car.  From then on, it’s the only way they’ll go.  Stress free and on their own schedule.  Turned out that two taxi’s would also have cost them more as well.

Pet lovers across the board can’t beat it either.  Raise your hand if you take your dog everywhere.  If this includes barbeques, family dinners, and get togethers in general that may involve some social drinking; what are your choices?  Transit has been a no go and finding a taxi, let alone one that will let you take your dog is kind of a lottery.  Good luck Charlie.

Drive My Ride will take who ever you let in your car.  If that includes Fido – away we go.

We could go on all night, but we’ll leave you with just one more example.

You have a short business trip, so you drive to the airport and park there.  You’ll be there and back by dinner.  Business goes better than expected.  After a few drinks to keep the client happy you realize that you will not sober up enough to drive on the 45 min flight home.  You’re not worried though, and for the record you’re not irresponsible either.  You’ll get home safely with your ride. You have us on speed dial 😉 Now THAT’s responsible.

Wait For It . . .

If you’re like me you may find having a few or a few too many drinks kinda fun.  There are times however that your fun needs to be cut short.  You need to sober up.  Now your impaired state is actually inconvenient.  What are you to do?  You’re looking for a quick fix.  The more common attempts are as follows:

  • I’ll drink a ton of water, you know, flush it out.
  • I’ll take a shower, that will snap me out of it for sure.
  • How about if I eat a big burger, that’s going to soak up all the booze right?
  • If I have a nap it’ll feel like a new day, therefore it is, or at least my body will think so.

All these methods have been tried time and time again.  No go amigo.  It’s an illusion and we try to convince ourselves it’s reality.  Sure you may feel somewhat more alert  The lightheaded feeling is reduced and you don’t need a bucket anymore but it doesn’t affect your blood alcohol content (BAC) at all.  The truth is there is nothing you can do but wait.  The alcohol will leave your system on it’s own schedule.

When you drink, about 20% goes directly into your bloodstream.  The other 80% will move into your intestines and be absorbed into your blood at a slower rate, but of course it WILL eventually get there.  Eating before you drink doesn’t prevent this,  it just slows down the rate at which this happens.  Once in your blood, there’s not much you can do except wait for your liver to get busy and process it.  People may be able to handle their alcohol differently but it metabolizes for everyone at about the same rate, which is approximately 0.015 of your BAC per hour.

Once you’ve hit the limit of 0.08 you are legally impaired and it’s going to take 5 hours and 20 minutes to have it entirely leave your system.  Let’s not forget that 0.05 will also cause you some grief.  Gone is your license and ride for 3 long days.

Your BAC can be hard to gauge unless you own a breathalyzer.  If you leave the bar, your friends place, or wherever you’ve been drinking immediately after your last drink, you won’t have felt nor will your BAC reflect your true levels until at least 20-30 minutes later.  This is why the police have suspected impaired drivers blow at least twice.  More often than not their level goes up.

Slamming back a tall glass of water before you head out is futile in an attempt to prevent this.   Having said that though, the water does provide benefits to your body and helps on it’s road to recovery.  A lot of your hangover is actually dehydration.  So don’t stop, in fact continue to consume water throughout the night.  It will help you out later but won’t affect your current BAC.

So we are left with just one option.  Wait.  There are many things we are and feel perfectly capable of doing at a 0.08 level.  Driving is not one of them.  Don’t let your ability to “hold your own” fool you.  If you find yourself unable to drive but you really need to get home with your vehicle, give us a call.  Drive My Ride is a designated driving service that will get you and your ride home.  Be safe. Feel safe.  Please don’t drink and drive.

To Be or Not To Be

So… You’ve been chosen as the designated driver, eh?  Did you draw straws?  Was it your turn?  Whatever the reason, and there are many, most of the time we volunteer with the best of intentions. It elevates us to hero status after all.  With that comes great responsibility.  Many people are counting on you, more than you know.  This includes anyone on the road with you that night.

Let’s for a moment consider your two or three friends you committed to giving a sober ride home to.  Congratulations for having a plan.  As I mentioned earlier, they are made with the best of intentions.  Now you just have to follow through with this great plan.  No problem right?

You and your friends counting on you are now at your well planned, fun filled, event.  You’ll be there a while and you start to think maybe you could have just one drink.  Why not?  You nurse this for a while when you consider a second.  Let’s face it, some alcoholic beverages are just downright yummy.  We also appreciate their limbering effects.  You convince yourself you just want a couple to take the edge off.  You’ll be fine, right?

The line is starting to get a little blurred, as is your judgement.  You’re torn between letting loose and remaining under the limit.  Those counting on you may or may not be aware you are partaking.  If you are doing the alcohol versus time math,  it may be time to consider another option.  You have your ride with you and you’re not so sure you want to or even should drive, but this is the one time that you absolutely need your car home.

“I really need someone to drive my ride.”  No problem.  Drive My Ride is a designated driving service that will do just that.  Just give us a call at 403-408-RIDE (7433).  You haven’t let anyone down and you, your friends, and your ride will still get home safely.  This is one time that honesty truly is the best policy.  There is never any shame in admitting that you had a few and that maybe it’s best you don’t get behind the wheel.

Drive My Ride provides this service for people just like you.  For when you have a plan and for when you don’t.  The evening may cost you a bit more than you anticipated but the cost of a DUI or the life of another doesn’t even begin to compare.  Be safe, feel safe with Drive My Ride.

What is It Anyway?

Have you ever discovered a business you couldn’t believe existed?  You couldn’t wait to tell your friends only to discover they’ve known about and have been using said service for years.

“Have you been living under a rock?”
“How could you not have known about it?”

So it is with designated driving services.  Many people have heard about them and many more have not.  Of those that have heard only a small fraction have actually used one.  They’re nervous to use one because they aren’t entirely sure how they work.

So how does it work anyway?  It’s actually quite straightforward.  Whether you plan ahead or find yourself needing the service unexpectedly, it’s easy.  When you’ve gone out, wherever that may be, and you’ve consumed too much alcohol to drive yourself, Drive My Ride will do just that.  Drive you home in your own ride.  That’s the beauty of the service.  You get yourself and your ride home safely.

Drive My Ride offers you a few options for using their service.  You can simply call 403-408-RIDE (7433), and in the future you will be able to download and use the Drive My Ride app.  Generally you will want to allow 20-30 minutes for a driving team to arrive.  This can vary depending on the day of the week and time of night.  For instance a Friday night at last call there will be high volumes.  Your wait time could be upwards of 45 minutes during times like this.  With Drive My Ride you always have the option to pre-book using any of the previously mentioned methods.  This guarantees you’ll get a booking and allows you to relax and enjoy yourself until your desired pickup time.

Your driving team will give you a call as a friendly reminder they are on their way.    This is to allow you time to drink up, pay up, or simply put your shoes on.  You’ll hear from them again when they arrive.  You simply meet your driver at your car.  The other driver will follow in their car behind.  Once you’re buckled in and comfy, the driver will take you and your ride to your desired destination.  Once you arrive your car will be parked just the way you like  it.

Then you just have to pay the fare.  The base rate for Drive My Ride is $28.00 for the first km.  It’s an additional 1.75 per km after that.  The kilometers are calculated by the shadow car (the driver following).  Your fare can be paid by cash, debit, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover.  That’s it, That’s all.

In the morning you awake with the realization that your ride is in the drive, or so to speak.  It hasn’t been towed, broken into, or left miles away.  You had a fantastic night and both you and your ride are home safe and sound.  Your day is yours to get on your way or simply stay in your PJ’s.  It was cheaper than two taxis, didn’t take up your precious time, and you had zero separation anxiety from your baby.  You just experienced the best service ever.  You’re gonna tell everyone and wish that someone had told you sooner.