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One Lump or Two?

How much more than a taxi will this cost me? Probably the most asked question we get here at Drive My Ride.

Our answer –>  “It depends.”

While developing our rates, one of the questions we considered carefully was, “How would one Drive My Ride trip compare to the cost of two taxis rides?”

We were confident before making the comparison that we were providing an economical option for people. We are now positive!

There were already so many advantages to our service over a taxi.  Truly, the cost is as much a selling point as any other reason to use our service.

Taxi Options:

If you are going to be out and drinking to the point where you are not legal to drive, there are really two taxi options to be had.

  1. You order a taxi from your home to take you to an event and then you order a second one to drive you home afterwards.  This option involves two taxi fares AND waiting for the taxi on both ends of the trip.
  2. You drive to the location in your own car and park.  You get one taxi to take you home and then return the next day in a taxi to pick your car up and drive it home.  Again, you are left waiting for and paying for two taxi fares.

When you use our designated driving service.  You call us once.  You wait for us once.  You ride home in the comfort of your own vehicle.

So, when comparing the cost, what we need to be doing is comparing the ONE Drive My Ride trip fare to TWO taxi fares.

There are longer trips and their are shorter trips… when all is said and done we find that the average trip our clients take amounts to about $50.  That will get you about 13.5kms.


The Resources We Used:

  • Drive My Ride Rate Estimator
    Minimum Fare:  $28.00 for first km
    Afterwards:  $1.75 per km
    Driving time:  $0.00/hr
    Traffic Variance:  none
  • Please note that the rates in this post are the rates at the time the article was posted.

  • Google Maps
    Used to find fastest route distance and time


So let’s look at a few actual trips some of our clients regularly take and see how the costs compare:

Trip #1:  Short Trip Home From the Neighbourhood Pub.

Creekside Bar & Grill to within Canyon Meadows:
( 2.2 kms / 5 min)

Taxi One Way:  $10.08
Taxi Both Ways: $20.17
Drive My Ride:  $30.10

So, in the case of very short trips, Drive My Ride is more expensive than two taxi fares.  You are paying an extra $10 for the convenience of either not having to go back for your vehicle OR not waiting for the cab on both ends of the trip.

Trip #2:  Medium Length Trip (our average is 13.5 kms)

Deerfoot Inn & Casino  to  Midnapore:
(13 kms / 12 min)

Taxi One Way:  $32.03
Taxi Both Ways: $64.05
Drive My Ride:  $49.00

For the average trip, Drive My Ride is less expensive than two taxi fares AND it’s more convenient.

Trip #3:  A Longer Than Average Trip

McMahon Stadium to McKenzie Town:
(27.1 kms / 21 min)

Taxi One Way:  $60.59
Taxi Both Ways: $121.19
Drive My Ride:  $73.68

As the trip length increases, Drive My Ride becomes even LESS expensive than two taxi fares and even MORE convenient with your time.

Trip #4:  Trip Outside Calgary City Limits 

Stampede Grounds to Okotoks:
(40.8 kms / 32 min)

Taxi One Way:  $89.62
Taxi Both Ways: $179.25
Drive My Ride:  $97.65

Drive My Ride becomes MAJORLY less expensive than two taxi fares and EXTREMELY convenient with your time when travelling outside city limits.


The Bottom Line: 

Drive My Ride is always more convenient.  For very short trips you will pay a premium for the convenience of getting home safely with your vehicle.  BUT as our scenarios clearly demonstrate, Drive My Ride is cost-competitive with a two-way taxi for the average trip and only gets better the further you travel.  So why pay more AND be stuck having to get your vehicle the next morning?  Wouldn’t you prefer ONE trip to TWO?

We invite you to weigh out your lumps next time you’re going out or are already out and need to get home.

Either way, please don’t drink and drive.




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I love this service!! The drivers are always awesome and super friendly I got Don tonight and he remembered me from the last time!! I use them again and again and after you have had 8 rides your 9th is free!!! Highly recommended!!

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