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What is “Responsible”?

I had someone tell me the other day that their friends were responsible enough NOT to bring their car when they went out drinking.

At the time I was discussing the importance of designated driving services and the great need for them.  What they said wasn’t untrue but I found it odd just the same.  Did that imply that people who do go out drinking with their car ARE irresponsible?  Well, you most likely know our answer would be a resounding “no”.  We’ll also bet the farm, those who have used designated driving services like Drive My Ride will do it again and again.  Not just because the 9th trip is free.  No sir.  There are endless reasons and circumstances people find this service handy, convenient, and the best plan ever just because it’s very very versatile.

They were going to be responsible regardless.  Drive My Ride just happened to be the option they chose to make that happen.

Some will tell you they won’t go any other way.  For them it’s the best guarantee that they are going to get home at all.

In one example, I was given by a client, they had pre-booked a taxi to take them to a dinner party.  They planned to leave with lots of time but no taxi showed.  When they called to inquire, they were told another 20 minutes so they continued to wait.  No taxi.  Now they had no choice but to drive if they were going to make dinner at all.

They got to the party albeit a bit late, but had an amazing time and used a designated driving service to get home with their car.  From then on, it’s the only way they’ll go.  Stress free and on their own schedule.  Turned out that two taxi’s would also have cost them more as well.

Pet lovers across the board can’t beat it either.  Raise your hand if you take your dog everywhere.  If this includes barbeques, family dinners, and get togethers in general that may involve some social drinking; what are your choices?  Transit has been a no go and finding a taxi, let alone one that will let you take your dog is kind of a lottery.  Good luck Charlie.

Drive My Ride will take who ever you let in your car.  If that includes Fido – away we go.

We could go on all night, but we’ll leave you with just one more example.

You have a short business trip, so you drive to the airport and park there.  You’ll be there and back by dinner.  Business goes better than expected.  After a few drinks to keep the client happy you realize that you will not sober up enough to drive on the 45 min flight home.  You’re not worried though, and for the record you’re not irresponsible either.  You’ll get home safely with your ride. You have us on speed dial 😉 Now THAT’s responsible.

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