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Wait For It . . .

If you’re like me you may find having a few or a few too many drinks kinda fun.  There are times however that your fun needs to be cut short.  You need to sober up.  Now your impaired state is actually inconvenient.  What are you to do?  You’re looking for a quick fix.  The more common attempts are as follows:

  • I’ll drink a ton of water, you know, flush it out.
  • I’ll take a shower, that will snap me out of it for sure.
  • How about if I eat a big burger, that’s going to soak up all the booze right?
  • If I have a nap it’ll feel like a new day, therefore it is, or at least my body will think so.

All these methods have been tried time and time again.  No go amigo.  It’s an illusion and we try to convince ourselves it’s reality.  Sure you may feel somewhat more alert  The lightheaded feeling is reduced and you don’t need a bucket anymore but it doesn’t affect your blood alcohol content (BAC) at all.  The truth is there is nothing you can do but wait.  The alcohol will leave your system on it’s own schedule.

When you drink, about 20% goes directly into your bloodstream.  The other 80% will move into your intestines and be absorbed into your blood at a slower rate, but of course it WILL eventually get there.  Eating before you drink doesn’t prevent this,  it just slows down the rate at which this happens.  Once in your blood, there’s not much you can do except wait for your liver to get busy and process it.  People may be able to handle their alcohol differently but it metabolizes for everyone at about the same rate, which is approximately 0.015 of your BAC per hour.

Once you’ve hit the limit of 0.08 you are legally impaired and it’s going to take 5 hours and 20 minutes to have it entirely leave your system.  Let’s not forget that 0.05 will also cause you some grief.  Gone is your license and ride for 3 long days.

Your BAC can be hard to gauge unless you own a breathalyzer.  If you leave the bar, your friends place, or wherever you’ve been drinking immediately after your last drink, you won’t have felt nor will your BAC reflect your true levels until at least 20-30 minutes later.  This is why the police have suspected impaired drivers blow at least twice.  More often than not their level goes up.

Slamming back a tall glass of water before you head out is futile in an attempt to prevent this.   Having said that though, the water does provide benefits to your body and helps on it’s road to recovery.  A lot of your hangover is actually dehydration.  So don’t stop, in fact continue to consume water throughout the night.  It will help you out later but won’t affect your current BAC.

So we are left with just one option.  Wait.  There are many things we are and feel perfectly capable of doing at a 0.08 level.  Driving is not one of them.  Don’t let your ability to “hold your own” fool you.  If you find yourself unable to drive but you really need to get home with your vehicle, give us a call.  Drive My Ride is a designated driving service that will get you and your ride home.  Be safe. Feel safe.  Please don’t drink and drive.

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