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To Be or Not To Be

So… You’ve been chosen as the designated driver, eh?  Did you draw straws?  Was it your turn?  Whatever the reason, and there are many, most of the time we volunteer with the best of intentions. It elevates us to hero status after all.  With that comes great responsibility.  Many people are counting on you, more than you know.  This includes anyone on the road with you that night.

Let’s for a moment consider your two or three friends you committed to giving a sober ride home to.  Congratulations for having a plan.  As I mentioned earlier, they are made with the best of intentions.  Now you just have to follow through with this great plan.  No problem right?

You and your friends counting on you are now at your well planned, fun filled, event.  You’ll be there a while and you start to think maybe you could have just one drink.  Why not?  You nurse this for a while when you consider a second.  Let’s face it, some alcoholic beverages are just downright yummy.  We also appreciate their limbering effects.  You convince yourself you just want a couple to take the edge off.  You’ll be fine, right?

The line is starting to get a little blurred, as is your judgement.  You’re torn between letting loose and remaining under the limit.  Those counting on you may or may not be aware you are partaking.  If you are doing the alcohol versus time math,  it may be time to consider another option.  You have your ride with you and you’re not so sure you want to or even should drive, but this is the one time that you absolutely need your car home.

“I really need someone to drive my ride.”  No problem.  Drive My Ride is a designated driving service that will do just that.  Just give us a call at 403-408-RIDE (7433).  You haven’t let anyone down and you, your friends, and your ride will still get home safely.  This is one time that honesty truly is the best policy.  There is never any shame in admitting that you had a few and that maybe it’s best you don’t get behind the wheel.

Drive My Ride provides this service for people just like you.  For when you have a plan and for when you don’t.  The evening may cost you a bit more than you anticipated but the cost of a DUI or the life of another doesn’t even begin to compare.  Be safe, feel safe with Drive My Ride.

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