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What is It Anyway?

Have you ever discovered a business you couldn’t believe existed?  You couldn’t wait to tell your friends only to discover they’ve known about and have been using said service for years.

“Have you been living under a rock?”
“How could you not have known about it?”

So it is with designated driving services.  Many people have heard about them and many more have not.  Of those that have heard only a small fraction have actually used one.  They’re nervous to use one because they aren’t entirely sure how they work.

So how does it work anyway?  It’s actually quite straightforward.  Whether you plan ahead or find yourself needing the service unexpectedly, it’s easy.  When you’ve gone out, wherever that may be, and you’ve consumed too much alcohol to drive yourself, Drive My Ride will do just that.  Drive you home in your own ride.  That’s the beauty of the service.  You get yourself and your ride home safely.

Drive My Ride offers you a few options for using their service.  You can simply call 403-408-RIDE (7433), and in the future you will be able to download and use the Drive My Ride app.  Generally you will want to allow 20-30 minutes for a driving team to arrive.  This can vary depending on the day of the week and time of night.  For instance a Friday night at last call there will be high volumes.  Your wait time could be upwards of 45 minutes during times like this.  With Drive My Ride you always have the option to pre-book using any of the previously mentioned methods.  This guarantees you’ll get a booking and allows you to relax and enjoy yourself until your desired pickup time.

Your driving team will give you a call as a friendly reminder they are on their way.    This is to allow you time to drink up, pay up, or simply put your shoes on.  You’ll hear from them again when they arrive.  You simply meet your driver at your car.  The other driver will follow in their car behind.  Once you’re buckled in and comfy, the driver will take you and your ride to your desired destination.  Once you arrive your car will be parked just the way you like  it.

Then you just have to pay the fare.  The base rate for Drive My Ride is $28.00 for the first km.  It’s an additional 1.75 per km after that.  The kilometers are calculated by the shadow car (the driver following).  Your fare can be paid by cash, debit, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover.  That’s it, That’s all.

In the morning you awake with the realization that your ride is in the drive, or so to speak.  It hasn’t been towed, broken into, or left miles away.  You had a fantastic night and both you and your ride are home safe and sound.  Your day is yours to get on your way or simply stay in your PJ’s.  It was cheaper than two taxis, didn’t take up your precious time, and you had zero separation anxiety from your baby.  You just experienced the best service ever.  You’re gonna tell everyone and wish that someone had told you sooner.

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