Sharing is Caring


Experience a difference in designated driving.

Relationships Matter

At Drive My Ride it is part of our mandate to give back.  We recognize the importance of being a part of the community and contributing members in this great city of ours.

It's our goal to build strong relationships within the service industry, seeing ourselves as an extension of their businesses.

Through these relations and partnerships we will continue to inform and educate others on the perils of drinking and driving.  We will strive to provide a premium option for those wishing to get themselves and their vehicle home safely.

Superior Customer Service

From start to finish we want your experience with Drive My Ride to be exceptional; for our clients to feel as though they've called on a friend.  We're always glad to see you too!

We strongly value our customers' loyalty, so we recognize and commend those who repeatedly make the responsible decision not to drink and drive.  At Drive My Ride, after 8 trips your 9th is always FREE.

Our ears are always open, questions or concerns will be addressed in a timely fashion.  We hope to be the great end to your great night. Cheers!

Top Notch Drivers

We've set the bar high with our hiring practices so as to meet your expectations. We recognize the importance of your vehicle to you and in doing so ensure all our drivers have been thoroughly tested. 

Our professionally licensed drivers are well versed in all types of vehicles in all types of weather.  You can rely on knowing you won't hear your gears or smell your clutch on your way home.

Our drivers LOVE what they do and view this as a very rewarding job.  They're fun, easy going, and have great conversation skills.  Their goal is to make you comfortable and get you home safely.

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